KA Ceramics Pottery Studio

22 September 2022


KA Ceramics Pottery Studio

Thanks to ka__ceramics for sending in these beautiful pictures of her Lillevilla 340 log cabin, which she purchased last year enabling her to produce amazing pottery from the comfort of her own garden.

“I heard about Lillevilla through another potter on Instagram who did a blog post on building her studio. It is in a perfect setting for me to work from our garden and create pieces of pottery. The people who installed it were great and so efficient.

I make lots of different ceramic items from my cabin, such as soap bottles, candles, dog and cat bowls, treat jars and mugs etc.

I do ceramics on my days off from nights as a veterinary nurse, and sometimes after work before I go to bed, basically at any given opportunity! I have learnt a lot in the last year since having my cabin and equipment and have had lots of advice through YouTube videos and other Instagram accounts of potters.”

We think the cabin looks beautiful with all of the flowers and pots and the interior paint colour looks great too. We’re also super impressed with the pottery!

Find out more about the Lillevilla 340 log cabin on our website https://www.lillevilla.co.uk/shop/lillevilla-340