Our Wood is Climate Friendly

1.33 Million Tonnes of Carbon Dioxide Emissions Saved – Which equates to 7.5 billion kilometres driven in a normal car

Over the past twenty years Lillevilla Log Cabins have been sold in the UK and worldwide.

During that time over 1.3 million cabins have been sold and 1 million cubic metres of sawn timber used. Two thirds of that timber has been used in the production of these log buildings and the remaining third is recycled for Bio-energy as an alternative to fossil fuels.

In summary that means a reduction of 1.33 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions which equates to 7.5 billion kilometres driven saved!

This calculation is based on non renewable materials such as concrete, PVCU and steel.

Trees absorb carbon and we us a supplier/manufacturer from Finland. Finnish forests act as carbon sinks because the forest grows faster than they are harvested.

Looking at this another way – One car manufacturer is advertising how many tonnes of CO2 the save.

They state:
57,000 tn CO2 = 320 million driven kilometres by personal car. 1 km with personal car is causing 178 g / CO2 per km.

With this formula our figures:

1,33 million tn CO2 = 7,47 billion driven km with personal car.

33 million tn compensated CO2 = 1.330.000 tn. This times 1.000 kg/tn = 1.330.000.000 kg CO2. This divided by 0,178 kg/ m pollution by one driven km = 7.471.910.112 driven km by car = 7,5 billion driven km / year


We are proud our Lillevilla Log Cabins are a natural product and make a positive contribution to the environment.


From the best raw material in the world

The durability and highest possible quality of our products are the most important things that steer our production. That is why every Lillevilla log cabin is manufactured using only the best, Nordic raw material. By drying the timber to 18%, we optimise it to tolerate all kind of weather conditions. We use only PEFC-certified timber, which guarantees that we know precisely the origin of the used raw material.

Responsibly Manufactured

We pay extra attention, that every process lives up to the standards, from a responsibility, environmental, and quality point of view. We are committed in all our actions to develop and monitor our quality and environmental awareness. This is backed up by our ISO 9001- and 14001 certificates. The CE-certificate stands for the high quality of our products.


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Wood Construction Supports Sustainable Development

As a building material, wood is natural, clean and inimitable. It is on these terms that we develop Finnish wood construction. Our entire manufacturing process is based on the responsible usage of wood. The ecological footprint of construction activities keeps growing globally. This is why it matters which materials you use.

Compared to other building materials, a wall made of wood takes up only a fraction of the natural resources needed for them. Indeed, the processing of wood actually creates more energy as a by-product than is used by the process. At the end of its life-cycle, a wooden building is either recycled or becomes a source of energy. The amount of carbon dioxide – absorbed by the tree during its growth – contained in a standard wooden house is equivalent to driving a car for up to ten years.

This is why building your house of wood is a concrete step for a cleaner climate. We support the sustainable use of natural resources through the processing of Finnish wood into high-quality building products. While a new wooden house is being built, new saplings are already growing in the forest.