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Quality Log cabins designed and supplied from Finland installed throughout mainland UK


Welcome to Lillevilla Log Cabins!

We are a family run business and our aim is to bring to the UK the benefits of owning a high quality and environmentally friendly log cabin.
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Environmentally Friendly
Environmentally Friendly

Forest preservation is taken very seriously in Finland. Caution is applied when cutting down trees, and deforestation, furthering erosion, is simply out of the question. Emphasis is put on assuring a constant supply by natural rejuvenation and reforestation with almost 150 million seedlings being planted per year.

Quick and Simple Installation

Quick and Simple Installation

Due to the many years worth of design and expertise that go into our log cabin models, they are simple and straightforward to construct.

Unlike most of our competitors, the majority of our log cabins are built in only one day.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

We work closely with our customers to give them a smooth and easy experience with our sales process and after sales service. We encourage feedback and always aim to improve constantly.

Professional Installers

Professional Installers

We have a team of professional cabin fitters that have been constructing our cabins for many years. With years of experience, our fitters are able to complete the builds in good time and leave you with a high quality finish.


Who Are We?

Lillevilla are a high quality log cabin brand designed and purchased from Finland. We do not concentrate on cheap prices as this generally reflects on inferior products as we believe quality to be far more important. We stock a large range of log Cabins that we hold in our warehouse in the U.K. ready for dispatch in as short as possible time. We supply the majority of our cabins in a 44mm log that is much sturdier and stronger than most of our competitors. We are a small tight knit team that is able to give the customer satisfaction that you deserve and require. Our products have a substantial carbon negative foot print, achieving a significant difference to the environment.

The reason behind the phenomenal success of the Lillevilla range is due to the durable, dense grained and slow grown timber and highly advanced automation that guarantees unbeatable quality at very competitive prices.

We have listened to our customers and have recognised their needs. Quality, affordability and service are always at the forefront of our minds. We will help and advise you every step of the way, from placing your order to the completion of your cabin.


Cabin Kits

The Lillevilla range is manufactured in Finland by Luoman, a family run business that has earned a reputation for the production of log cabins of the highest quality.

All our cabin kits are made in Finland with spruce from near the Arctic Circle. Our cabin kits are made from 44mm double tongue and grooved logs.

The design process firstly takes into account the easy install for the customer. This is the ultimate design aspect when new models are produced. Secondly we concentrate on the strength and rigidity of the cabin itself. The use of 44mm logs helps make our cabins much stronger and durable than most of our competition. All cabin kits are designed to be easily constructed by customers without prior knowledge of building similar products. Each log interlocks simply and quickly, creating a well-insulated cabin. All logs are cut to precise sizes meaning that there is no need for cutting or manipulating the timber.

All our cabin kits contain all the necessary materials in order to construct the fully completed log cabin. They come with as standard the floor boards, roof boards, roofing felt, double glazed windows with furnishings and lockable double glazed doors. All our cabin kits are supplied with a damp proof course that sits between the bearers and the cabin to stop unwanted water rising into the wood.

We offer a few additional extras to upgrade your cabin kit, for example roof and floor insulation, a front veranda on most models and upgraded roof shingles for a longer more durable roof. Most of our cabin kits are under 2.5 metres in height which means in most circumstances they do not require planning permission.

Our Main Show Site

Lillevilla Show Site

Log Cabins

Real wood is one of the best building materials known to man. It has been used for construction purposes since the first human establishments showed up on the earth. Log cabins have a strong history. The earliest log cabins were built in the Northern Europe around 3500 BC. The structures used to build shelter in the Bronze Age are still used in the modern times. By the time, the Europeans discovered Northern America, log cabins had already become a tradition. And they continue to do so in today’s concrete driven world. Houses, barns and other outbuildings are still made of wood.

No wonder wood is considered to be one of the best building materials that exists on earth. The wood has a knack of trapping carbon inside it to provide a healthy environment to the surroundings. It acts as a great insulator and maintains an optimum temperature inside the house. Neither too hot nor too cool.

Some very obvious benefits using logs/wood for your cabin are:

Renewable – more trees are planted every day to replace the felled trees in the forest owing to good forest management.

Ease of construction – cabins made of logs/wood are easy to construct or deconstruct when needed.

Freshness – Trees lock up carbon inside them which helps keep the house fresh and clean.

Resource conservation – Logs use less amount of water for construction as compared to any other concrete based construction.

Aesthetics – Log cabins look aesthetically beautiful and provide a gorgeous look inside the house.

So, if you are thinking of getting a log cabin for you and your family, think no further. Get your first log cabin made with Lillevilla Log Cabins. Lillevilla Log Cabins is a UK based log cabin construction company that provides services to those who desire one. Lillevilla Log Cabins UK has worked with a number of clients in the past to deliver the client requirements efficiently and accurately on time.

Order with us today.

With negative carbon footprint, our work is certified environment friendly.

We guarantee total quality assurance of our log cabins. 

We use slow grown Arctic timber which is denser and considered the best for construction.

Once you invest, there are absolutely no other hidden costs involved.

Most of our cabins are under 2.5m height. There is no planning permission required.

We provide a 5 year structural guarantee.