What is an Acceptable Base?

What is an Acceptable Base

A common issue we have encountered lately is when our fitters have arrived to install a cabin, they have not been able to do so as the base is of an unacceptable standard. The picture to the right is NOT an acceptable base for a log cabin and we will not be able to build upon it.

We have also had instances with concrete block bases where the supporting rows are running in the wrong direction and the support beams cannot be laid down. While block bases are a good base type, they are harder to get completely level due to the separate blocks and if this type of base is going to be used then it is essential to make sure all the blocks are level and solid. Our fitters will have the final call as to whether a base is acceptable or not.

If a base is found to be not suitable for the cabin then a rebooking of fitters will have to take place. This will incur a fitting charge which will be down to our discretion.


Another problem encountered is too much space being left between the rows of blocks. This issue, whilst still allowing the cabin to be built, will cause the floor to not have enough support, will be overly springy and in worst case scenarios the boards may crack under stress. To ensure ideal floor support a maximum space of 750mm can be left between the rows of blocks. The picture on the left has left too much space between the rows.

Although this page has been a rather negative one we feel this information is necessary and saves money and stress in the end. Hopefully you find this informative and helpful.