Reasons to Buy Checklist


Customer comments

Our reputation with our customers is so important to us as a large amount of extra business is generated through word of mouth. After 15 Years of doing the same shows we are still amazed and proud of the positive feedback we get from our customers.


Touch and feel the cabin

Not all cabins are the same. Only by seeing and touching our log cabins can you appreciate the quality and in doing so compare it to our competitors.


Independent reviews

Check our customer comments online.


Check what’s included

With us what you see is what you get. There are no hidden costs associated with our cabins. The only extra costs are for upgrades to your cabin. What competitors offer as extras are our standard.


Slow grown timber/PEFC/sustainable

It is so important to us that we know where the timber we use comes from. The timber we use is Spruce sourced from near the Arctic circle which means it is strong and durable, ideal for our climate in the UK.


Dimensions we measure wall to wall not log ear to log ear

Our cabins are measured from wall-to-wall rather than to the log ears like some of our competitors. This means that you are getting more cabin for your money. When we say a cabin is a certain size, we mean it. Please see the statistics below which explains this.

 3m x 3m (9m²) as opposed to 3.2m x 3.2m (10.24m²) – 12% difference 1.24m².

 5.1m x 3m (15.3m²) as opposed to 5.3m x 3.2m (16.96m²) – 9.7% difference 1.66m².

 6.2m x 4m (24.8m²) as opposed to 6.4m x 4.2m (26.88m²) – 7.7% difference 2.08m².


Storm rods

Excellent attention to detail and extra peace of mind especially in very exposed areas. Our storm rods are steel rods fitted inside the logs, far superior to competitors’ visible storm braces. On traditional buildings only.


Toughened glass

Very safe, therefore if broken the glass does not break into dangerous shards. Especially important with small children playing in the garden.


DPC (waterproof membrane)

This is a standard feature and protects the cabin from rising damp.



Experienced fitters. Which means your cabin is built to the highest possible standards.


21mm floorboards (thickness)

This is a standard feature in our cabins and when you walk on the floorboards you can feel the sturdiness and quality of the building.


Rubber seals around doors and windows

Meaning the cabin is free from drafts and helps keep the sound in or out. A must when you have double glazed windows and doors.


All fixings included.

Everything you need, delivered to your door with the cabin.


Treated bearers

To prevent decay to timbers.


Hi-Ab crane off load vehicles not hand off load

Making it an easy delivery with no troubles for customers.


Full UK coverage.


Manned helpline

Sales and after sales care by phone, not just by email. Customer service is the number one priority for us and communicating with each other is essential.


Experienced staff with 15 years of experience in the UK market.


Full manufacturer backed guarantee.

Produced by largest cabin manufacturer in the world

We choose to work with the biggest and best supplier in the world.


Wind block system

The double tongue and groove system along with offset shoulder notch is reassuring for our customers (on traditional cabins only).


Fully adjustable hinges on doors

This allows to counter any settlement with the building.


Wall thickness comparison

The majority of our log cabins are produced with a 44mm log which is the preference of our customers

 44mm – 28mm 36% more volume.

 44mm – 34mm 23% more volume.


Double tongue and groove as opposed to single

Another quality feature to ensure the building is stable and lasts for many years.


Sold over 20,000 cabins in the UK

Which means we know what it takes to build the best garden buildings to the highest quality.


Insulation kits

Vapour barrier and taped joints, which will stop condensation forming in the roof space.


List of accessories

 Partition Walls.

 Extra Windows & Doors.


 Insulation Kits.

 Roof Shingles.