Haven of peace

4 February 2021


Haven of peace

Since deciding to invest in a Lillevilla log cabin, the experience has been wonderful!

From the beginning to the end of the procedure, including the gentleman taking the order, to the gentleman that built my cabin, everyone was so helpful.

My cabin is stunning, and I am so pleased I made the decision to purchase one. The craftsmanship is second-to-none and during this COVID situation, it has become my haven of peace.
I spend many happy hours reading, birdwatching, drinking coffee and taking photographs and occasionally having a snooze!

I had two extra-long and narrow windows put in the rear of the cabin a foot from the ceiling.
this has allowed me to enjoy both the sunrise, as well as the sunset at the front. The windows are of high quality (as is the whole cabin) and with the oil-fired radiators I have, the cabin is very cosy.

Thank you to everyone involved. Best wishes Maggie.

P.S. After viewing my friend ‘s Lillevilla log cabin, I purchased mine. Once all the lockdowns have ceased, I have a queue of friends wishing to come and visit mine and I suspect, they will all want one!!