Garden's New Life

Friday 12th February 2021

Garden's New Life

It all started with a set of complimentary tickets to the Ideal Home Exhibition. Little did we know that we would walk out with a Lillevilla Log Cabin that day!

We had no previous experience of owning a cabin. We were also worried about all the preparations, delivery and installation tasks. Fortunately, Lillevilla staff were always at hand to answer our calls and emails along the way. We visited one of their showrooms to see how the cabins could be used, what colour schemes would be suitable for our needs and how services like water, electricity and sewage pump could be installed. That’s where we got the idea of planting screening trees and stepping stones leading up to the cabin.

Today, we have a fine outdoor cabin which we have split into two. One third is for storage of items we only use when we have a party and the other side is our outdoor kitchen. It still provides us with plenty of space for both purposes; it’s deceptively large. Lights are recessed and on a dimmer to allow us to change the mood. We’ve installed up-down, dusk to dawn lights at each end to make it even dreamier!

We would recommend that you insulate the roof. It’s not just about keeping the cabin warm but also to prevent the midday sun heating it up!

In summary, the Lillevilla cabin has been our best investment in a long time. Our garden has taken on a new life and even helped increase the value and saleability of our home.

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