Bubble of tranquility

12 February 2021


Bubble of tranquility

Please excuse the number of photographs, but we love the cabin so much that we take so many!

May I take this opportunity to first of all give you feedback on your business. Your customer service during the ordering, construction, and after sales was exemplary and we often highly recommend you to friends and family. Your overall service was second to none and also the price of the cabin was highly competitive!

When we went into lockdown on 13th March, my husband was subsequently told to shield until further notice. So it will shortly be four months since we have been allowed to go out beyond our boundary. We sit in the cabin when our children visit, as we have not been allowed to have them on the premises. They sit outside and it has worked very well for us. We chat whilst the grandchildren play in the garden!

We feel absolutely delighted and blessed that we have the log cabin. Each day we have mid-morning coffee in there and listen to the radio or read, and occasionally…if we feel in the holiday mood and the sun is shining later in the day, we might partake of the odd cocktail! The cabin has made the lockdown so much easier. We have two occupied nesting boxes under the eaves at the front of the cabin and nature is all around us. Come wind, snow, rain or shine, we are in a delightful bubble of tranquillity. It’s on a par with going to a superior second home without the hassle of getting there!

Thank you so much for making this possible.

Kind regards,

Norma and David