Timber Treatment Package for Lillevilla 3m Canopy

Paint Package for Lillevilla 3m Canopy (Inside of walls included). 12 litres of paint (4x3L). (3x3L main colour + 1x3L seconday colour).

  • 1626178458_1626170265_51j-7KS7gBL._AC_.jpg
  • 1626178458_1626170265_51j-7KS7gBL._AC_.jpg
  • Jotun Demidekk Ultimate
  • Includes £10 delivery charge
  • Enough paint for 3 coats (required)
  • A tough, durable and beautiful opaque finish
  • Waterborne exterior wood protection
  • Fast drying
  • Up to 12 years protection
  • Based on the AMA (Alkyd Modified Acrylics) technology

Colour Choice

Timber Treatment
Timber Treatment - Main Colour
Included (x3)
Timber Treatment
Timber Treatment - Trim Colour
Included (x1)

Total: £229.80

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