Jotun Visir Primer (2.7L)

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Jotun Visir Primer (2.7L)


Jotun Visir Primer (2.7L). Primer coat for Jotun Demidekk Ultimate.

  • Jotun Visir Clear Primer
  • Contains powerful fungicides
  • One Coat
  • Based on the AMA (Alkyd Modified Acrylics) technology

Total: £69.95

A water repellent primer containing powerful fungicides to protect against wood rotting & surface moulds. It binds loose wood fibres and is used as a primer coat on bare softwood.

As a result it strengthens the surface, makes it water repellent, and gives longer durability to the coating system.

To be used before applying translucent stains on all new & weatherworn external woodwork, & also on pressure impregnated wood. Also recommended for use under opaque stains and coating systems during cold times of the year.

Recoat with required finishing coats within 1 month.

Surfaces previously treated with linseed oil stain or linseed oil paints. must be cleaned to bare woodwork,

because old linseed oil may cause blistering when coated with stain, translucent stain or paint.

To ensure proper handling of this product, it is recommended to use protective gloves at all times. It is

important to change gloves from time to time with regard to chemical penetration.

Substrates: Exterior joinery - new, pressure impregnated, and previously painted
Application: Brush or roller
Coverage on sawn wood: 4 - 7 sq m per litre
Coverage on planed wood: 9 - 11 sq m per litre
Recoatable: Usually up to 72 hours, condition dependent