"Our vision was clear"

11 September 2023


"Our vision was clear"

Dear Team Lillevilla,

We are utterly enamoured with our Lillevilla 'studio'! Our journey with your cabins began when I first encountered your company at The Southampton International Boat Show last year.

You were conveniently situated next to the organisers' office I was overseeing on behalf of British Marine, your stand caught mine and my partner's attention. The exceptional sales team left an indelible impression on us with their remarkable friendliness and invaluable guidance throughout our decision-making and purchase process. Since that time, I have had the pleasure of bumping into you at Boat Life and the BBC Good Food Show at The NEC.

Being able to physically step into the cabin and experience its size and ambiance in person, rather than relying solely on online descriptions, made an enormous difference in our choice.

In our household, my mother resides with us, as she is living with Alzheimer's, and I serve as her primary caregiver. Until now, we have shared our home with her, dedicating our main living room to her care team and a place to entertain family and friends.

Consequently, our spare room has been serving as a multifunctional space, cramped into a compact area measuring less than 3 meters by 2 meters, equipped with a double sofa bed and a desk. Snug to say the least! 

The construction process of the cabin with your team was remarkably straightforward, and your team members were exceedingly friendly and efficient. We were astounded by how swiftly the cabin took shape.

Subsequently, we embarked on the task of painting the exterior, opting for Capri 0762 and Graphite 4172.

For the interior, we aimed to create a New York 'studio' ambiance, envisioning distinct living zones within the cabin, each with its own colour scheme and theme. We wanted the space to function as an office for my events business, a luxurious and comfy lounge area, and a hosting space with a compact kitchenette.

Our vision was clear, and we were committed to investing in furnishings, decor, artwork, and lighting to bring that vision to life.

We are ecstatic with the outcome of our 'Studio,' which has far exceeded our expectations. It has become a haven of tranquillity and an absolute delight to spend time in. Everyone who has crossed its threshold has been thoroughly impressed and cannot wait to return to enjoy themselves! 

I am not exaggerating when I say that our Lillevilla 'Studio' has truly transformed our lifestyle and positively impacted our mental well-being.

Please find attached the photos of the build, the outside and the before and after on the inside. Please do feel free to use them on your socials or website. If you require wider shots, then please do let me know. 

I look forward to hopefully seeing you at The Boat Show next week. 

Please find attached the 

Kind regards,