Safe Space for an Inspirational Young Man

28 January 2021


Safe Space for an Inspirational Young Man

Our Lillevilla was installed in April 2020. What has impressed us the most is not the look & quality of the villa, which is outstanding, is the impact it has had on our eldest son.

We have twins who are severely disabled & our eldest is a child carer even though he is only 22 months older than the twins he has had to help care for them for many years.
This had put so much pressure on him but he is such an inspiration.

We wanted to create a safe space for him as the boys behaviour can at times be so challenging & he used to have to regularly escape to other relatives houses but in lockdown that wasn’t possible. We decorated the villa with his most precious items – anything football!! A friend also donated a TV for him. He can now escape when it gets too much – we have seen such a change in him – that’s what’s made the difference.

Thank you xx