A cabin called Steve

10 February 2021


A cabin called Steve

Meet Steve!

He is our cabin, I cannot recall why he’s called Steve, but he is.
He is a pool room, an Xbox place, a film night, a spare bedroom, a place for the teenagers when they are too loud for the house, a place for quiet reflection, for sitting in the sun working.
We can pretend we’re glamping and go on a staycation to the end of the garden.
Steve also has a workshop, for woodworking and making stuff – our 16 year old son has made cat playgrounds and mountain bike ramps in steve (or on Steve’s patio)

We would not be without him! It makes that world of difference having a the extra space during lockdown.
As a company Lillevilla have been straightforward to deal with, ,when Steve was built (there are many pictures of that too) 3 years ago the team that put him up were great, and we have recommended you to lots of our friends!

I hope this isn’t too many pictures….