In order to install your log cabin a decent flat base needs to be put down first. If you are going to be laying the base yourself then here is our simple guide to constructing the base for your log cabin to sit on. The base can be either a single concrete base or slabs fixed with concrete.

You will require:

  • Spade
  • Sand
  • Cement
  • Blocks
  • String line
  • Level
Concrete base for log cabin
Mark out area for block base for log cabin

The first step is to acquire the information on the size of the base required and mark out the area on the land that you would like your log cabin to sit. It is recommended that you give an extra 20 cm for sturdiness as well as if there are any errors.
Dig out the area to a depth of about 4 to 6 inches (approx 15 cm) down so that the base will sit flush with your existing ground.

Board frame for solid concrete base for log cabin

Place down a square wooden beam structure around the edge of the dug out space, making sure it all sits square and flush, joining each beam together with screws to make a secure unmoving frame. Fill the area with coarse sand or gravel making it as level and compact as possible making it easier for laying the concrete or the blocks on top.

Wood frame for solid concrete base for log cabin
Solid concrete base for log cabin

The mix of the concrete cement should be about 4 to 1 to gain the desired hardiness. Once the mix has been made fill the space and level it out as much as possible. A flat sturdy base is essential as this ensures that no unnecessary problems may arise in future such as the jamming of windows and doors, also ensuring the log cabins long-term durability and its general appeal. The concrete base should take a week give or take to fully dry so we advise this is done at least a week before delivery.
The end result will be a flat and stable base to install your cabin onto. We find that a solid concrete base is the best option for installing a cabin rather than a block base but both have their own merits. Most of our customers opt to have their bases built for them by an independent contractor or we pass on the details of someone in their area who could do the base. If you choose to build the base yourself we hope that this guide will be of some use to you.

Size Approx Cost
3m x 3m £1175.00 plus VAT
4m x 4m £1675.00 plus VAT
4m x 6m £1825.00 plus VAT

*These are only estimated prices. We do not currently offer a base fitting service.

Alternatively, you could build a block base for your new log cabin

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