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News Update December 2014 – Trip to Finland and What’s To Come


Visiting Our Cabin Supplier in Finland

This week three members of our team headed to Finland to meet with one of our main suppliers of our superb log cabins. One of the aims of the trip is to discuss the possibility of sourcing new log cabins for 2015. The guys are visiting the Luoman sawmill in Parkano.

We use Luoman as a supplier as they always deal in high quality and resilient timber. The timber they use is acquired from near the Arctic circle and is always at its highest quality when it is cut. The area they acquire the logs from is a sustainable forest and this can be seen as they are allowed to use the PEFC logo (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes). They also have Several ISO certificates and the Lillevilla brand have been given the CE mark of approval.

Throughout the year we have been talking to our customers about certain aspects of their cabins that they would either like to see changed or improved upon. After gaining a large amount of positive feedback and a few suggestions we have put this information forward to our supplier and are hoping that some of these changes can be affected in 2015.

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