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Recently, a previous customer uploaded some stunning pictures of her log cabin to Facebook. After already deciding that we wanted to showcase some of our customers log cabins and their uses, we got in contact with Mrs Cass to ask her a few questions about her log cabin and to talk about her experiences with it and us.

The Ins and Outs

Mrs Cass ordered a Lillevilla 345 log cabin from us back in September 2015 and had the cabin delivered in the same month. The cabin installation was carried out by our fitter Nick also in September over two days. The installation of this cabin usually only takes a single day but Mr & Mrs Cass opted to have their cabin insulated as well. The addition of floor insulation was definitely a necessity when considering the usage planned for the log cabin. Being a Lillevilla 345 the cabin already comes with our highest specification roof which is a EPDM rubber roof. EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) is an extremely durable synthetic rubber membrane widely used on low-pitch buildings worldwide. The insulation used is a 25mm Celotex.

The Interesting Part

When Mrs Cass uploaded her pictures to Facebook I knew I had to have her log cabin as our first case study. Mrs Cass has always had an interest in dolls houses but never got around to purchasing one for herself. When Mrs Cass retired 4 years ago her colleagues, knowing her love for these houses, bought her one as a retirement gift. Since receiving her first dolls house Mrs Cass has developed, in her words, a bit of an addiction to these houses. She stated that she just can stop collecting them, now having a total of 36 and rising!
When discussing where Mrs Cass acquired her dolls houses she advised me that she has a couple of avenues for getting hold of them. There is kits, second hand houses that she renews and also through a group that share the dolls house collecting passion. The houses that are revitalised do not often get sold, but they are often exchanged within the group. Being a hobby, the renewal of these dolls houses are for love not money.
When Mrs Cass was hunting for the right building for her pastime she stumbled upon Lillevilla Log Cabins. When discussing her initial needs it was imperative that the cabin would be well insulated and retain the heat necessary to keep her dolls houses in great condition. After taking this into consideration we advised insulating the floor of the building during the installation as this is much more complicated to do after the log cabin is built. For the roof Mr and Mrs Cass used additional floor boards to clad the ceiling, which can be seen in the pictures. This has given the cabin a different look and feel to it. Being that the cabins walls are a solid 44mm spruce log and the windows and doors are double glazed, the cabin would be more than adequately fit for purpose. Mrs Cass advised how pleased she was with her cabin and proceeded to fill it with a variety of dolls houses.
Hopefully over the following months we can showcase some more of our customers cabins and their unique uses for them
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