Log Cabins

How to Choose Your Log Cabin

How to choose your log cabin

There are several important factors to consider when choosing your log cabin. Listed below is some information you should consider when making your decision.

Step 1: Decide on the use of your cabin: Summer house, garden office, extra room for the house, storage, gym or a man cave.

Summer house – If you are mainly wishing to use your cabin during the summer months. With our 44 mm thick log walls to help keep your warm and dry throughout the summer. Lillevilla 125 for example.

Garden office – If you are considering building a garden office, creating a space away from the house where you can go and focus on the task at hand. With 44 mm logs, double glazed windows, lockable doors and a large open space to fit your desk and storage, then a Lillevilla cabin is an ideal choice for you. For a garden office consider upgrading to include roof and floor insulation to help keep you warm and cosy all year round. Lillevilla 345 for example.

Extra room for your house – Our cabins would definitely be cost effective answer to adding an extra room to the house. With the majority of our cabins being beneath 2.5 metres in height, they avoid the need for planning permission (if in any doubt then please check with your local council). Adding the upgraded roofing shingles will not only prevent having to roofing felt every few years, but also looks a lot nicer and are far more durable than standard roofing felt. Lillevilla 129 for example.

Gym – This is a popular choice for quite a few customers owed to the new desire for health and fitness hitting the country. The majority of people do not have room within the house to install a gym. The Lillevilla log cabins aid in creating the required space to fit your exercise equipment and help keep you fit and healthy ( they only thing we can’t do is make you use it!). Lillevilla 126 for example.

Step 2:  Working out what space you have available for your cabin to be built onto. Take a tape measure and collect your measurements. Take into account the maintenance of the cabin, you will need to treat your cabin every few years depending on the treatment that you use.

We offer two main styles of cabin the traditional and contemporary. The traditional style comes with an apex roof with double glazing widows on the front. The contemporary style cabin has a pent roof with large front windows opening the cabin up to daylight.

Head over to our website products page and utilise our simple sliders that will help you make your choice of cabin. Each cabin has optional extra’s to help create a product to help create your ideal log cabin. We have an online chat service to help assist you with any inquiries you have when attempting to make your decision.

Visit our Website for more information and our full product range: www.lillevilla.co.uk


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